Monday, February 15, 2010

What Is Quanapin Drug Used For What Is The Best Way To Confront A Friends Doctor Whom Is Prescribing Medication To An Addict?

What is the best way to confront a friends doctor whom is prescribing medication to an addict? - what is quanapin drug used for

A close friend of ours has opiates for several years. He is now 28, but was prescribed codeine for pain as a teenager has been regularly prescribed OxyContin for a head injury over 3 years. I took up to 10 Oxy 80mg per day. 6 months ago started on methadone to try to Ween from him and is taking Suboxone 4 times a day your doctor has prescribed Quanapin pain. He saw the doctor the same pain since I was a teenager and also sees a psychologist, a second recipe prescribed Quanapin (we doubt he knows about the other doctor prescribed). It is a serious problem of addiction to alcohol and drugs as well. We try to help.

Is it appropriate to try to communicate with their employees to psychologist to tell them about his serious problem with opiates and alcohol? We have tried to fight against him over his addiction, and yet he denies has a drinking problem and is an addict. He denied that he help help with medication, and we are now at that point we contacted the doctors to inform them about the problem. Is that something that is common for foreigners a family doctor in an attempt to help with a problem, get in touch? Is there anyone who has tried the same subject, or can also be a psychologist who has found a patient in a similar situation?

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Kiwi is my bird-o said...

I think if you go to NA. This is not a bad thing, just an observation.
Why was there a medication for pain? Never thought he was angry, and he was on anti-pain pills and share for years, perhaps from a serious illness that can be painful? I had to opiates, when I was younger forfeited to. I was clean for almost a year, and began to feel terrible pain, and I have to take opioid analgesics for almost a year ago, started during the diagnosis and can not, drugs (Crohn's disease of Google is a painful thing to the ground ). I became addicted to painkillers, but I needed for pain, I do not think that I have handled the situation.

Long story short, it sounds as if going to the NA and is notknow what the bullpen, discovered or leave it alone. Doctor detects after a while, when people should be better "is always in pain" and watch the drug. But the people who have chronic illnesses, suffer from long-term prescriptions.

LYNN W said...

It is best if you contact the office of a psychologist and let them know that you need to make an appointment with the doctor, and he comes without the patient. Pay (to provide) would be necessary for you to know what you know and we will contact other physicians to communicate and verify information. You can also contact the pharmacy in the region and let them know that they can fulfill certain requirements. You can use the life of his friend. Good luck!

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